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Teachers of the Campus present a model Vakyartha before the students under the banner Vakyartha Parishad, which is being conducted periodically. Wherein, the teacher presents a particular Shastraic concept followed by discussion session. This paves the way for the students to develop the skill of Vakyartha – the essence of traditional Shastraic learning. It is proposed to bring out the proceedings of the Parishad in book form.
The Campus organizes series of Extension Lectures of eminent scholars of Shastras. Topics of the lectures are of inter-disciplinary nature so that various standings on Shastraic concepts are discussed and introduced. This felicitates better comprehension of Shastra Prameya. Six lectures are organized each year on Vyakarana, Sahitya, Mimamsa, Nyaya, Advaita Vedanta, Phalita Jyotisha and Shiksha-Shastra. The lectures delivered by the scholars are brought in a book form for the benefit of the students and the faculty.
Vagvardhini Parishad is a platform for the Campus students for the all round development of academic and various other co-curricular activities. The forum is run by the students’ representatives under the guidance of the faculty members. The Parishad is organized every Thursday wherein students get opportunity to express and exhibit their talent in the field of Shastra, culture etc.
The prime aim of establishing Sansthan was to preserve and propagate ancient Indian Shastras. Keeping this objective in view, the Vice Cahncellor has approved a proposal of organizing a traditional Shastrartha Sabha which is the source of preservation of Shastra tradition and wisdom. This will be organized once in two years in the Campus under the banner of Sri Sri Sri Bharati Theertha Mahaswami Shastrartha Sabha. The modalities for the same are being worked out and scholars from various parts of the country will be invited for the Sabha.