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Faculty of Vastu Diploma

Dr. Sudhamsu Kumar Nanda
Dr. Ramananda Bhat N

The central Sanskrit university started one year vastu jyotisha diploma course in the year 2016.

Vastu-Shastra is a science in which the traditional Indian system of architecture is available. It is also known as the science of architecture. This science is developed with five elements of nature, where the guidelines on the construction of buildings are mentioned very clearly. The five basic elements are earth, water, air, fire and space. The main aim of this shastra is maintaining balance between man and material by the help of basic elements of the earth.

House is the minimum need of a man. A good house is not only gives comfortable living but also gives good health, prosperity and wealth to the house owner. We can enjoy above mentioned things when our house is constructed by following Vastu principles.

Jyotish is generally known as the science of light or heavenly body and shastra means the true knowledge on the particular field. it is mainly divided in to three parts such as siddhanta, samhita and hora. Hora shastra is very famous in common man of our society as predicative astrology. Both Vastu and Jyotisha shastra are inter relected. The vastu shastra also a part of jyotisha. It is coming under Samhita part of jyotisha. Both vastu and jyotisha are needed for our society.

Benifits –
1. One can get Knowledge of Sanskrit conversation.
2. Basics of Sanskrit grammar.
3. Knowledge of jyotisha shastra.
4. Traditional method of kundali nirman.
5. Knowledge of vastu shastra.
6. Knowledge of modern vastu and its uses.

In our campus, we offere the syllabus are as under
* Sanskrit Shikshanam (Prathama and Dwitiya Deeksha)
* Jyotisha Shikshanam (Janmapatra Deepaka)
* Vastu Shikshanam (Vastu Ratnavali)
* Muhurtha Shikshanam (Muhurtha Chintamani)
*Kshetra Parimapana Prashikshanam (Modern Vastu, Lilavati, Rekhaganitam)