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New scholarship rules from 2022-23
• In the academic year 2022-23, scholarship will be given to all the students who have secured 60% marks in the entrance examination of Prak-shastri class.
• The scholarship will be awarded to all the first year students of Shastri, Acharya and M.A. Therefore, all the students who have passed the CUET in these classes will be given university scholarship and non-CUET students will be given scholarship as per rules under the scheme. .

Scholarship for Shikshashastri (2022-23) students admitted in the first year .
• For GEN/EWS/PWD category students, scholarship will be awarded only to those who have secured 60% (percentile) in CUET and have passed with more than 60% marks in their previous class. .
• For SC and ST category students, Scholarship will be given only to those who have obtained 50% (percentile) in the CUET, and passed with more than 50% marks in their previous class. .
• Among all the students admitted to Shikshacharya (2022-23), only those admitted through the CUET will be given Scholarship. .

Scholarship Rules prior to 2022-23

The main purpose of granting scholarship to the students of the Central Sanskrit University is to encourage the students to receive Sanskrit education.
1. The regular students of the Central Sanskrit University, who have scored 40% or more marks in the last qualifying examination (60% or more marks if the student is admitted to Shiksha Shastri & Shikshacharya) may be considered for award of scholarship.
2. The scholarship shall be awarded on merit basis. The students, in whose favour the scholarship has not sanctioned in the first year of the course, shall continue receive the same till the duration of the course, if they are declared pass every year and continue to be eligible for scholarship. But, if they are declared promoted in any subject or paper, or are held up for Compartment, they shall not be considered for grant of scholarship for the rest of the years of the course.
3. Eligible students from 2nd or 3rd year may also be considered for grant of scholarship, if some scholarships are available.
Subject to budgetary provisions and continuation of courses, the availability of scholar- ships in the various courses every year shall be as under:-
a) PRAK-SHASTRI 60 % students from allotted seats
b) SHASTRI 60 % students from allotted seats
c) ACHARYA 60 % students from allotted seats
d) SHIKSHA SHASTRI 60 % students from allotted seats
e) SHIKSHACHARYA 60 % students from allotted seats
f) VIDYAVARIDHI 30 Scholarships every year
1. The grant of scholarship shall depend upon educational progress, good conduct and regular attendance.
2. The scholarship shall be granted for 10 months in a year.
3. Every year, or upon passing an examination, a fresh selection of students for the grant of scholarship shall be made. The students who have completed their syllabus, or have passed a part of the exam, shall be awarded scholarship in the New Year or course on the basis of merit.
4. A student getting scholarship on the basis of above rules shall not receive any scholarship, salary, fees etc. from any other source. If he/she is receiving such income, he/she shall have to leave that employment and return the money received. In case, he/ she unexpectedly receives some prize, in cash or any other mode, equivalent to or less than the amount of his/her scholarship, he/she shall not be deemed unfit for receiving the scholarship. Similarly, he /she shall be allowed to avail of free education provided by the University, hostel facilities for self-study, books and travel facilities.

The monthly amount of scholarship for each programme is as under:-

2. SHASTRI Rs. 800
4. ACHARYA Rs. 1000
6. VIDYA VARIDHI Rs. 8000 (+Rs. 8000 Contingency Grant)
Note- The Contingency Grant will be paid to the research scholar upon the details of expenses submitted by the research scholar. The Contingency Grant may be used for meeting the expenses incurred by the research scholar on purchase of books, travel in connection with research, writing and typing.
The amount of scholarships may be increased or decreased by the Central Sanskrit University any time.
The scholarships shall be disbursed only upon receipt of financial approval and the amount approved from the Central Sanskrit University. For receipt of the scholarship, 75% attendance and maintenance of discipline are a must. The scholarship may be suspended or cancelled, in case some teacher or employee of the Central Sanskrit University complains of indiscipline by the student.
The student must apply for scholarship on a prescribed form. After a scrutiny of the applications, the Director shall grant approval for award of scholarship, under rules, on the basis of the merit.
Duration of Scholarship
a) The duration of the scholarship shall be 10 months in a session.
b) The research scholarships shall be 2 years (24 months).
c) Depending upon the eligibility criteria, the scholarship shall be from the first or second year to the last year of the course.
d) The scholarship, once cancelled, shall not be resumed without the prior permission of the Central Sanskrit University.
e) Satisfactory conduct and regular attendance are the basic conditions of the scholarship. If the attendance of a student falls below 75% in any month, in any subject, he shall not be given scholarship till the time he does not complete the mandatory 75% attendance. In case, a student remains continuously absent for 30 days, he shall be given scholarship only after deducting the amount due during the period of absence, even if the overall percentage of his attendance is above 75%.
Normally, the director shall order the disbursement of scholarship amount in the first week of every month, on the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee which the committee shall make after taking into consideration the percentage of attendance by the student. The scholarship shall begin from the date the student actually starts attending the classes.
Every year, a total of 30 of the research scholars registered at each of the various Campuses are selected by the Central Sanskrit University for award of scholarships. However, the Vice Chancellor, in exercise of his special powers, may change the number of scholarships as per the special circumstances prevailing in a campus.
The research scholars who have secured 60% marks or more in their Acharya / M.A. (Sanskrit) examination shall, be considered for award of research scholarship as per the merit list prepared by the Central Sanskrit University. One scholarship per department in all the Campuses of the Central Sanskrit University shall, initially, be available for award. The Vice Chancellor’s decision in this regard shall be final.
The duration of the research scholarship shall be for a period of 24 months, extendable by another 12 months at the recommendation of the Guide and the local Research Committee.
At the recommendation of the Central Sanskrit University, the disbursement of the research scholarship shall commence within three months of the registration of the research scholar through the Campuses of the Central Sanskrit University. During the period of the scholarship, the students shall not accept salary or another scholarship from any other institution or organization. In case, the research scholar is found to be in receipt of any such scholarship from any other source, it shall constitute an act of indiscipline and shall lead to cancellation of his registration. The research scholar shall also have to return the total amount of scholarship received by him till date.
The research scholar is expected to maintain the dignity of the Central Sanskrit University Campus. The discipline committee of the Campus may take disciplinary action, which may include cancellation of his scholarship, against any such research scholar who is found to be guilty of improper behaviour. Repetition of the offence may lead to cancellation of registration upon the recommendation of the Local Research Committee.