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Hostel facilty at Rajiv Gandhi Campus

Boy's hostel

Name - Rushyashrunga Boys Hostel
Present strength - 120 students
Per room student capacity - 3 students
Gym Facilty open for all
Browsing Center- free to all
Free Internet (wifi) to all

Girl's Hostel

Name - Sharada Girls Hostel
Total Roome : 37
Capacity : Each room 3 students
Present strength - 113 students
Gym Facilty open for all
Browsing Center- free to all
Free Internet (wifi) to all

Common Rules & Charges for Boy's & Girl's Hostel:

Hostel charges - Refundable -1800 Caution deposit And Room rent, electricity - 1200 pa, in Total - 3000
Mess charges - Co-operative mess charge vary between 1500- 2000 Rs per month.

1. Compulsory Morning and evening prayers with attendance (excuses only for sickness and menstrual period)
2. Compulsory Early morning Yoga
3. Compulsory entry in the register while going out except to the college
4. Letters must be written while going home/relatives home/to visit any other places
5. Letters must be signed by the deputy warden and should mention the date(out and entry)
6. Before leaving the hostel their parents should notify any matron or have to approach deputy warden regarding their leave
7. If any parents or relatives need to meet their daughters they should also maintain the visitors register and also need to inform any of us
8. Non hostellers are strictly prohibited from the hostel. If they want to enter the hostel they have to get permissions from the higher authority
9. Parents are not allowed to hostel rooms, only female parents are allowed during admissions only to help students
10. Only cultured dresses are allowed to wear,
*More than knee length dresses in hostel
*While going outside the hostel gate it's compulsory to wear sweaters or dupatta
*Jeans not allowed while going out of the hostel
11. They have to maintain cleanliness in and out of their rooms
12. Should maintain cleanliness in toiltes and bathrooms after every use.
13. Should Dispose their menstrual waste in the suggested sections only
14. No one has to reserve bathrooms for hot water
15. Students activities should not disturb the neighbouring student
16. Strictly they aren't allowed out of the after 7 pm

Admission Rule-

Hostel will be assigned as per score card & distance.
Minimum 60% score in last examination.
Minimum home distance should be 50 km.
For each 100 km 1 marks will be added to score.