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The old students of the Campus have formed an association under th banner of Rajiv Gandhi Alumni Association. The association formed with high objectives for the development of the Campus. The association decided to contact all the old students to strengthen the unit, by which present students of the campus benifited to the maximum extent. The alumni Executive Committee is as follows

S. L. Name of the Office Bearer Position
1. ... Dr. Gouranga Bagh President
2. ...Dr. S G Manjunath Vice President
3. ...Dr. Pramod Bhat Secretary
4. ...Dr. Kumuda Rao Joint Secretary
5. ...Dr. Suryanarayana Bhat Treasurer
6. ...Smt. Manglagowri Prasad Bhat     Joint Treasurer
7. ...Dr. Ganesh Ishwara Bhat Member
8. ...Dr. Narayana Vaidya Member
9. ...Dr. Priyavrata Mishra Member
10. ...Dr. Soumya K R Member